Thursday, April 23, 2009

8th term photo shoot

so for the portfolio design lab, tillinghast and clayton had me make a dress and do a photo shoot with the dress, because i told them i was going to pursue fashion design after art center. the dress was the hardest thing i did before graduating. i literally had to teach myself to make and drape clothing, without much prior experience. it was crazy, making textures and silkscreening the fabric. the inside of the dress has silkscreened root patterns in the fabric. the dress was inspired by the iris. i read iris's are indicators of spring, so there are 3 layers of white fabric which go from opaque to translucent like melting snow. the inside layer is the silkscreened root fabric. the highwaisted skirt on the inside is the bulb root of the flower. the iris it self is the purple blue bra/ neck piece. enjoy. oh yeah credits:
photographer: landon youn
model: evelyn kuo
makeup/photo retouching/set designer/art direction: jessica huang
stage set up crew: junior, landon youn, randy bantog, jessica huang
thanks to everyone who helped out!! :D couldn't of done it without you!


Gabriele Pasqualino said...

really cool blog :o

Josh Kao said...

thats pretty awesome you made your own there anything you can't do? =)

Stephen Chang said...

Your Stuff is sooo dope... I love the paper cut out dresses!

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